The story of the Oregon Trail is one of the ten most important events in American history ranking right up there with the Revolution, the Civil War and anything else you can name.”                                             
                                                                                       ~  Merrill Mattes, noted historian 

The year is 1843. Come travel the Oregon Trail by taking one of the most amazing e- adventures of all time. Ollie Ox and his yoke mate Herb lead their family and you over the 2,000 mile journey while describing everything that happens along the way.

Kids can email Ollie Ox and his yoke mate Herb with any questions or comments about the Oregon Trail. Ollie and Herb answer all their emails.

It is estimated that 500,000 people made the 2,000 mile trek to Oregon. Of that number, about 40,000 were children. The story of the western migration is a part of American history that belongs to children every bit as much as it does to adults.

West To Oregon With Ollie Ox! is educational, accurate, & fun!

Oregon Trail Family

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Learn about an amazing event in American history — a real story about real people, many of whom were children. Learn to recognize landmarks you might one day visit. Learn a great deal about U.S. geography and the beautiful country in which you live.

Sneak Peak

Sneak a peek at our sample pages and the beautiful color photos that appear in West To Oregon With Ollie Ox!  The use of photos and famous paintings throughout the story gives the feeling of traveling right along side Ollie Ox and his family.  Find out more.

Kudos Ollie Ox

Kudos to Ollie Ox, narrator of the story, for teaching values, commitment, responsibility, and pride in accomplishment. Quite an amazing feat for a 2,000 pound ox. And he accomplishes all this while making you smile.