About the Book

Children learn about the Oregon Trail; a real event in which kids their own age participated.
This story will stay with kids long after they have heard it or read it. Knowing what these people endured could help children get through some hard times of their own.

Boys and girls, ages 6 through 12, will learn from Ollie Ox about this amazing event in American history. The Western Migration on the Oregon Trail should be familiar to every child in America.

The book is accurate, educational and fun!!!

Here’s some stuff you might want to know:

    • Written for children ages 6 through 12 (approximately)
    • Historically accurate while also being fun
    • Beautiful color photos and illustrations throughout book
    • eISBN: 978-0-9674491-2-8



Note to Teachers:

West to Oregon With Ollie Ox! can easily be projected to a screen or classroom TV from your personal laptop, IPad or computer. Click on  3 Easy Steps  to learn more.