America’s Story

Oregon Trail“The Oregon-California Migration combined is one of the ten most important events in American history ranking right up there with the Revolution, the Civil War and anything else you can name.” (statement made by noted historian Merrill Mattes)

“The great migration west along the Oregon and California Trails shaped the course of a nation and forever altered a way of life for Native Americans. For the emigrants, the Oregon country offered a chance for free land and a better life. That chance would come at a cost though as nearly one in ten died along the way. Sacrifice and determination walked hand in hand with the pioneers striving to reach their westward goal. The change set in motion by the great migration left a lasting legacy on the country. Traces of the journey are still visible but are now hidden amidst the intractable march of progress.” (quote from Idaho’s Pathway of Pioneers website)

This story belongs only to America.
No other country had a migration quite like the one that took place on the Oregon Trail.