Innovative Oregon Trail Visual Aid for Teachers

Exciting New Way to Teach the Story of The Oregon Trail


Are you tired of teaching the Oregon Trail with the same old visual aids?


Introducing: West to Oregon  with Ollie Ox!  – a new, easy, inexpensive ($4.99) and highly effective tool for teaching the story of the Oregon Trail to elementary level students.

West to Oregon with Ollie Ox!  is an eBook that can be projected from your personal computer, laptop, or IPad to a large screen or classroom TV for all your students to view.

Synopsis: The arrogant but lovable Ollie Ox describes quite an adventure as he and his yoke mate, Herb, pull the covered wagon across vast expanses of rugged, inhospitable wilderness and treacherous, rushing rivers in extreme weather and ever changing conditions.

What child would not be captivated by a story narrated by Ollie Ox? His narration produces smiles while emphasizing traits such as responsibility, loyalty, tenacity, and commitment. Quite a feat for a 2,000 pound ox!


Beautiful paintings, photos, and illustrations throughout the book allow kids to feel as if they are actually experiencing the trail along with Ollie.

 Note from author —

I’ve had some fun with you in this email, but the truth is this eBook is a great tool for teaching the Oregon Trail to elementary level students.

West to Oregon  with Ollie Ox!! is endorsed by both the NW chapter of OCTA (Oregon-California Trail Association) and the End of the Trail Interpretive Center in Oregon City.

(eBooks are becoming increasingly popular with teachers because of their convenience and cost effectiveness. Since teachers spend so much of their own money on supplies, I know this is important.)

                              ~ Melanie Richardson Dundy

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