Why Go West?

In 1842, curiosity was building. “What does the western half of our country look like?” was a question being asked over and over again. The brave people in West To Oregon With Ollie Ox! were among those who decided to get the answer to that question.

The first western explorers, many of whom were kids, probably felt similar to the first astronauts who went to the moon — excited, scared and anxious. They were exploring an area which, at the time, was even more unknown and just as mysterious as the moon. So you could say pioneers were the astronauts of the Old West.

Traveling west in covered wagons was very slow — one to 2 miles an hour. That was as fast as oxen could move and most people did use oxen. Many of the oxen were probably cousins of Ollie Ox.

The wagon trains traveled across 6 states – Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon. A lot of the kids walked all or most of the way in bare feet.

It was an amazing adventure, but I’ll let Ollie Ox tell you the story.