Your Oregon Trail Guides

Ollie OxNarrator of the story.

Ollie is a rotund, jovial, dedicated, hardworking ox. He is the star of the story, a fact of which he is very proud. Ollie is full of himself in a lovable, humorous way. He has an ego the size of his 2,000 pound body, but Ollie Ox takes his job and responsibilities seriously. He is totally committed to getting his family across the Oregon Trail safely.                                     

Herb (also an ox) – Ollie’s partner and co-worker.

Herb, Ollie’s yoke mate, is not happy to be making the long journey. He wants nothing more than to go back home, sit under a tree, and swat flies with his tail. He considers the entire trip a big waste of time and energy and far too much work.

Johnny Tyler – The Tylers’ son.

A boy who has no idea what or where Oregon is, but, like most kids, he is ready for an adventure.

Mr. TylerJohnny’s father.

Mr. Tyler is a good man full of dreams of traveling the Oregon Trail and creating a wonderful future for his family.

Mrs. TylerJohnny’s mother.

Mrs. Tyler is  determined to make the trip as comfortable as she can for the family she loves.